Here a wonderfully composed household item to assist you with keeping every one of your gadgets cleans with no chaotic wires.
Dittrich Design chose to address this need  by not creating a electronic shape device but convert it into a furniture which perfectly fits into your home and work place.
Alldock fulfilled the need which was raging around quite a sometime and Alldock made it possible by providing with such a device that you can put in a place where it could be seen as decorative thing.
Alldock was established in 2012 whose roots were back started  by concept of interior designing and their mission was to openly present the charging station in your home and work place rather hiding some near the bed and cable clutter take place.
There key features are:
Eliminate Cable clutter
Eliminating wires mess in your house. Not any more searching for charging cables to recharge your smart phones. Even for guests it is the best device if they visit there will not be shortage of charging plugs as it can charge many devices at a time.

Charging capability
It's an all around good USB charger. You can utilize it to charge any Smartphone, tablet, savvy or wellness band. Numerous cameras and fitness watches can be charged as well.

Maximum Charging Speed
It to charge you’re faster than any other charger it has ability to charge your phone 80% in less than 60 minutes. What's shockingly better is that joining extra gadgets to the Alldock does not decrease the charging speed for any other phone or tablet.

Timeless Design
They make sure that it look amazing in your meeting table office, living room in your home. There 25 years of experience let them make an amazing device that fulfills every individual need.
5. Premium Materials
The best and long lasting material are used in making Alldock devices .There devices are handmade with pure Bamboo and walnut which is sourced it from forest of China and Newzeland.

Easy to use
The new Alldock presently enables you to dock up to 3 phones or tablets at a time,it also have 6 port option. You can easily put your Smartphone or tablet without modifying the wire underneath.
Magnetic Fixtures
The main benefit they keep you from incidentally snapping the link out of the Smartphone, causing harm, and second, they prevent residue and dust from obstructing the port. Unique Design Furniture
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