Alldock feedback in Australia

In Australia the feedback was there are many other chargers in the market for single devices, But when it comes to family, or many user at a time, there is no doubt Alldock is perfect in comparing with other charging devices.Australian consumers are rapidly buying Alldock and modern interior decor are giving periority to Alldock charging station instead cable cullter sockets.Alldock made a unique looks which made eye catching in every Australian eye.

The main thing there is  yet not a single complaint regarding device performances or any negitive review on any sites this due to consistency of their performances which caused not a single negitive feedback

Consumers are happy to use as it is very easy to handle and could be set on perfect looking spot to enhance the beauty of your room.Alldock devices are mostly selling on offices and meetings table they are major segmant of Alldock after getting a well regonization they become eye appealing to household use.

Charging cables do not come with your All-Dock purchase, but some handy cable-ties do so you can keep things neat.The real beauty of Allldock charging station is the single power cable that supply to six devices at a time.

Because it’s a reliable product, The All-Dock has FCC Certification & CE Certification.

 Dietrich Design is a form of furniture style or design, which was discovered 25 years ago in Wuppertal and launched many popular products in worldwide, like Z-Desk and now ALLDOCK USB charging stations.

Eliminating cable clutter mess, just connect your device, place it in the ALLDOCK.

Alldock at Rushk

Alldock material

ALLDOCK is supplying top quality ABS plastic natural processed woods. The  performance of the Alldock USB charging device developed specially to assure an output of 2,400 mA for six devices which are attached at a time

The AllDock is trying to hide the bottom that alternative charging platforms have within the past, however it uses heat, full grain, real wood to cover the technology. the bottom itself may be a solid box of walnut or bamboo, 2.75” x 6” x 9”. Lengthwise across the highest square measure four channels with 3 tear-drop twine holders within the bottom. underneath the highest, a 4-port high-quality USB charger is put in, so you'll be able to attach cables to every port, and thread them up through the ports. From there, you'll be able to plug your device in, and stick it down into the channel with the ability enter the teardrop hole, and your screen upright to be used. this might work nice for a room, break area, or cafe, wherever you wish to produce charging, however don’t desire a bunch of ugly chargers and cables strewn concerning.

 The top is control in situ by six pairs of lanthanum magnets on the long sides. They’re robust enough that I will carry the box by one among the highest crosspieces and shake it, and it won’t discarding. Once you “help” it with the opposite hand, it lifts pronto, and you'll be able to amendment the cable arrangement at can.

 The channels square measure of 2 sizes: the rear-most is .75”, whereas the opposite 3 square measure .5” each. My iPhone will work into the smaller ones, even with the Apple animal skin cowl connected, however most cases forced usage of the rear slot. while not a case, my iPad professional ten.5” will work any channel in portrait, however even the thinnest case is just too a lot of for them, chiefly as a result of all my cases have covers, in order that they need to fold over. My beautiful Bride’s OG iPad mini fits either orientation while not a case, however the case, again, is just too thick, since it's a fold-over.

The front bar features a one-inch gap within the middle, that makes it excellent to press the house button of the device in this front-and-center position. the load associate degreed bulk of the box create it terribly durable for exploitation an iPad in portrait mode (as I’m doing now) so you'll be able to use a standalone keyboard.


Small and medium version of Alldock provides medium with four charging devices compatibility and large with 6.There is  also an option of bamboo and walnut finishes.


The outer Case: 220 X 142 X 61mm

Devices compatibility: 4

Alldock Devices are certified for Australian power requirements

  • ·         Input: AC 110V-240V 50-60Hz1.5A
  • ·         Single output: DC Max 5V/2.4A
  • ·         Total output: DC Max 5V/9.6A


  • ·         The larger outer Case: 315 x 172 x 63mm
  • ·         Compatibility 6 port USB Charger
  • ·         Input: AC 110V-240V 50-60Hz1.5A S
  • ·         Single output: DC Max 5V/2.4A