The ALLDOCK HybridX Compact has two 3.0A ports and two 2.4A ports. It is due to Alldock technology that Fast and Quick Charging (Qualcomm 3.0) technology in the last two ports, the ALLDOCK HybridX allows you to charge your smartphones even faster.

The latest feature of the ALLDOCK HybridX compact is it can wirelessly charge your Smartphone’s without any use of cable. Jusy you have to put the Smartphone on the loading area and it will charge wirelessly.

The ALLDOCK HybridX Compact is the only charging station that offers you a variety of charging options for your electronic devices. You can load up to four devices in HybridX at the same time.HybridX Walnut devices are made from solid walnut wood.

Alldock is achieving milestones rapidly and gaining market share around the globe as it is more reliable then the companies originals chargers. Its success is not just stopping as they have launched HybridX chargers with compatibility of wireless charging of Iphone.

HyybridX devices become most selling in Australia and America. The research showed in U.S and in Australia a consumer who buyes docking devices 70% are repeatedly customer as they are buying more for their offices and different parts of the room.

2018 Christmas was the golden month for Alldock as it was most sold due to it was believed to be the perfect Christmas present for the loved ones.

Alldock is not a choice it’s a need now, it has eliminated cable mess and attractive look which enhances the beauty of surroundings.

World's most developed Wireless and Docking Station: fast charging up to 5 devices at a time.

While introducing new wireless and fast charging devices with the special set, unique design, and with reasonable price. Its body is made from solid American walnut for a lightweight for long-lasting design.

It comes with joined dual-coil wireless charger with standard docking station like two-in-one design that fulfills your charging needs.

Hybridx at Rushk

Alldock HybridX Station meets Australian Safety Standards and made sure safety features that protect your electronic devices from overheating, overloading, static discharge. It has additional feature as wireless charger of Alldock has overload, overvoltage, overheat, short circuit, and chip protection for additional safety

Its USB hub has two 2.24A and two fast charge 3.0A ports that is compatible with Android phones and Apple devices like Iphone,Ipad,Apple watch etc  as well as gaming consoles, cameras etc.

One of the main advantage is that you can use device while charging at vertical position even listen to loud music or see videos or any app you want to use, it has been proved that it won’t affect slightly on charging or overheating etc. Five devices can charge at a time and speed of charging of devices will be same even one device is charging at a time or five devices are charging.

The design of HybridX is made like the cables and USB hub are hidden within the docking station and your charger cables feed through the bamboo top from below, which gives a benefit that  no more unsightly, tangled wires on display in room or office etc.